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What is Message House?

  1. Communication professionals and changemakers worldwide use the free and simple toolset of the non-profit Message House project to maximize the impact and success of their organizations.
  2. With the help of the toolset, they not only craft powerful messages, but they also get their teams to actually use them.
  3. The toolset includes a one-page quick start guide, an eBook, Message House templates, and explanatory videos for an organization's communications and non-communications staff and for its leadership.

Why they download the Message House tool:

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Atlantic Point Logo 400About is a pro-bono project  to help changemakers everywhere make a positive difference in the world through an easy-to-use method that produces powerful messages and excellent  messaging discipline. This site and the Message House trademark are owned and operated by Atlantic Point, a communications company based in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

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Message House is available for acquisition. Learn more.